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My Eclectic Home is the venue for many fabulous designers! We desire to create one of a kind items and help make your home beautiful and one of a kind. It started in 2013 when Geneva Sipes wanted to start a wedding floral business combined with a home interiors shop.


The vision came to be at a small store front on Glen avenue just off First street in Snohomish Washington. Just a year into this endeavor she was approached with an opportunity to open a second store front next door, renting small spaces within the space to would be entrepreneurs who love finding treasures and up-cycling them into sought after items. 


This adventure started in November 2013. By May of 2014 a storefront in half the JC Penny building on first street was offered and the two stores became one as My Eclectic Home" &  "Roots of Gratitude" merged together - We all packed up our booths and filled our wagons and arms full of merchandise to set up in our new location.

Interest in becoming a member of the team grew and so when the other half of the building became available the following October. She expanded yet another time and added a total of 28 designers to the rosters. It has been an amazing journey that has seen success and we are all truly grateful for what has come to be! 

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